"The Crowing" from IKSSE:3

(Originally posted on the old site on Aug 3, 2020)

This week I'm doing something a bit different! My pal Julien Bigras recorded an awesome version of the drums for The Crowing and we decided to put some bass to it and release this as a "bass and drums only" cover. I hope you enjoy it!

You can find Julien here:
IG/FB: @julien.bigras
This is my favorite song from In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. It has a lot of very cool parts, lots of sections that are catchy, and of course some great creative playing by Mic Todd who does a great job of following the guitars at times and doing his own thing as well. 
We played the entire song to the same tempo so it does sound a bit different at parts where in the original it seems to slow down a little, and I admit that I had to really focus on keeping the timing because I'm so used to hearing and playing along with the original. 
I also had a few issues with Julien's and my video going out of synch because they were recorded with different devices and different frame rates, so I had to do a little bit of editing to line up my video again about half way through.
I might try to do more bass & drums videos since it works great for hearing how the two parts interact with each other. What do you think?
You can find the bass transcription on this page.

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