The Dark Sentencer

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The Dark Sentencer

This one showcases some very nice work by Zach Cooper in the choruses, where he lets loose and shows off some tasty fills. I don't think he repeats himself once with those fills, so it was a bit of a challenge to learn each one note for note, but I did my best and I think I'm pretty close.

The Gutter

What a great track this is!

Listen carefully and pay attention to how many sections this song has... There's quite a few and a lot of them only come around once, which is pretty awesome.

As usual, Zach is solid, and hardly ever repeats himself. I love that you can tell there is no copying and pasting of Zach's bass parts in the studio.


Track 4 from "Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures". This is my favorite song off this new record, and there's a lot of amazing tunes to choose from! I'm not sure that I got all the fills down 100%, but either way Josh and Zach are doing some amazing things together on this song.

Good Apollo Volume One

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YouTube Comments

This video made learning this song on bass a lot easier. Thank you!

Nugget The Moosic Boy

You sir are the man!! Thank you, thank, thank you.

Robert Shore 

Awesome cover man, just like all your other videos. Good job!

Synysteer Rev 

Great stuff. All the runs sound spot on.

Devon Hanrahan

This is a song I've been dying to learn and the online tabs have been real inaccurate so far and I have trouble picking out the bass parts in the song. Your cover is really good, so thank you for putting this together.

Christopher Strickland 

dude thats kick ass brother good job


fuck yeah dude you absolutely killed it, been looking for a bass tab for this forever and didn't even notice this was uploaded only a few weeks ago, I appreciate what you did heavily!


The bass on this song is sick! Also, great cover buddy :D

Frayed Ends of Sanity 

I am SO sorry I've just found out about you. One of my favorite bands, covered by one of my favorite instruments? This is literally heaven.

Silburific 17  

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